Guest rooms are located on the first floor. We offer up to 5 rooms from two to five people at the same time. Each room is decorated differently (as it happens at home) and each has its own bathroom. For those who need to find some time for themselves, we have a billiards room, a cozy lobby with a sofa, armchairs, TV and games….

On the ground floor of the house there is a lobby with a fireplace and a coffee buffet, a library with games and various items, a huge room with a huge fireplace, comfortable sofas, a tables for shared meals, table football, etc. The room is surrounded by a covered terrace with a veranda where you can relax on the sofa or eat cake at the family table while looking at the children splashing in the pool. On cold evenings, we will light a fire in the fireplace on the veranda to warm you while you listen to the frogs croaking, and if you get cold, just let us know – the sauna is at your disposal.

Our cuisine

Raised on traditional Polish cuisine, we do not shy away from its charm and simplicity. We cook for you as if for ourselves – you won’t find any flavor enhancers or reheated ready-made meals here. We avoid preservatives, artificial colors and all kinds of chemicals. We will prepare the dishes using fresh local products from our own garden and from friendly farmers. We have eggs from our happy hens, and in our apiary the bees persistently produce honey. When you are in Podlasie, you cannot fail to taste real sękacz or the best kartacze, and the unique “Korycińskie” rennet cheese is our specialty.

Breakfast and dinner will be served in the form of a Swedish buffet, so every gourmet can enjoy them to their own taste. During the day, guests can enjoy a coffee buffet. In the evening, we would like to light a fire to roast sausages, potatoes, marshmallows…

Breakfast and a coffee buffet are included in the room price.
Dinner is an additional paid option. Please let us know when booking if you intend to use it.
The cost of dinner is: PLN 80 for an adult and children over 7 years of age and PLN 40 for children aged 2-7.

Rooms for our guests


For our guests, we have double and triple rooms, as well as four- and five-person apartments. The room price includes breakfast with our home-made and regional products, and in season, vegetables from the Majątek Morgi garden are on the table.

Room types and prices

PLN 400 per room/night

PLN 590 per room/night

PLN 860 per room/night

PLN 990 per room/night

Gallery of rooms

Most of the infrastructure is available to our guests free of charge, while a few are available for a small fee.


We provide our guests with two bicycles for adults (women's and men's bicycles, KROSS) and a child seat (HAMA). Bicycles are available to our guests free of charge. Just book in advance. The costs of repairing any damage resulting from improper use of the bicycles are borne by the user.


We invite you to take advantage of our rejuvenating, relaxing and regenerating cryotherapy sessions, oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, lymphatic massages with collagen or sauna. You can also release your tension more actively at the gym.


You can only light a bonfire in the designated place. Guests can use wood prepared by the hosts - this option is charged additionally - PLN 50 for a basket of wood with lighting. However, we encourage you to use the bonfire for FREE, which involves collecting firewood yourself on our property. There are sticks for roasting sausages etc. available near the fireplace. By prior arrangement, it is possible to prepare a campfire set (sausages, bread, ketchup, mustard + disposable dishes) - additionally paid PLN 30/person.


Surrounded by nature and appreciating its advantages, we try to be part of it, not an intruder. In our property, we have tried to use the most ecological solutions whenever possible: we have our own sewage treatment plant, ecological heating system, and LED lighting. To take care of our ecosystem, we limit the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum, waste segregation is an everyday practice, and we also limit water consumption. We will be honored if our guests appreciate these efforts and join our activities for the good of the planet 😊. We operate within the Circular Economy (Circular Economy)

Swimming pool

The swimming pool is available to all our guests. The water is chlorinated. We heat the water in the pool to about 30 degrees.
Terms of use: Children can use the swimming pool ONLY under adult supervision! Parents and/or guardians are fully responsible for the safety of children in the swimming pool. Before bathing, rinse your body in the shower. Jumping into the water is prohibited.
We do not bring any drinks or food into the pool. The person or legal guardian/parent of the person who polluted the pool water due to improper use shall bear the costs resulting from its cleaning. Majątek Morgi is not liable for any health damage resulting from failure to comply with the rules or improper use of the swimming pool and its equipment.


Parents and/or guardians take full responsibility for the safety of children when using the playground. Devices must be used in accordance with their intended purpose. The playground is dedicated to children aged 3-14. Morga's estate is not liable for any health damage resulting from failure to comply with the rules or improper use of the Playground and its equipment.

A few rules for staying together

Payment and booking conditions

Rooms can be booked for min. 2* days (or for the entire period of the so-called long weekend). *in the so-called high season: May-September, minimum stay is 3 days.
The condition for reservation is to pay a deposit of 30% of the total stay value within two days to the indicated account.
The remaining amount is paid on the day of arrival (cash or bank transfer).
If you cancel your stay up to 3 weeks before arrival, we will refund 50% of the deposit, otherwise the deposit is non-refundable.

Hotel night

Hotel night:
starts at 4:00 p.m.,
and ends at: 11:00.

Late arriva
l: For the comfort of all guests, please inform us in advance of any late arrival


We welcome guests without pets.
The important inhabitants of the Majątek Morgi are three wonderful and smart dogs who are accustomed to the presence of people on a daily basis. The dogs roam freely throughout the property, ensuring the safety of guests. Our spaiki get along great with our cats, goats, horses, chickens and guinea fowls 🙂