To escape from the hustle, forget about goals and challenges, reset, stay close with nature and people for whom the saying “A guest in the house, God in the house” is still close to, we built a house, arranged every corner, trying to make the interiors cozy. Since Majątek Morgi it is in the middle of the forest, in a green surroundings – nature did the rest. Forests, groves, hammocks, deckchairs. Behind the forest, in a valley, there is a river from which the beavers decided to make a reservoir… Jump in the boat and sail…

Majątek Morgi

Majątek Morgi is a several-hectare estate in the picturesque Podlasie region. We built the house in which we live in a glade in the middle of the forest so that silence, nature and fresh air would provide shelter and soothe our frayed nerves and relax our tired bodies and minds. Here we find respite and strength, the joy of everyday life, here we recharge our life batteries and this is what we want to share with our guests.
Thanks to its location and infrastructure, it can be an ideal base for further exploration of the region, as well as for spending time in peace, quiet and comfortable conditions. Everyone will find something for themselves here, and we will do our best to make you want to come back to us…


Majątek Morgi is an intimate place whose idyllic atmosphere is created thanks to the passion of our entire family. The house integrated into the landscape, encourages contact with nature, and the ideal location in a quiet place, in the middle of the forest, by a river makes air around extremely clean, so that you want to breathe deeply.


We approach the topic of health holistically, after all, as the old proverb says – “A healthy mind, healthy body.” Majątek Morgi is not only a nice SPA and sport infrastructure, but also an excellent microclimate that promotes calm and cleansing the body.


To fully take care of your body and spirit, we offer simple, home-made, regional cuisine, but we are also open to the flavors of the world. We will gladly take up the challenge to satisfy the hunger of both meat eaters and vegetarians.


Majątek Morgi is located in the immediate vicinity of the Geographic Center of Europe, so you can treat your stay with us as an excellent base for trips further and further afield. However, if you want to hide in the forest and listen to the sounds of nature, we are the perfect oasis for those seeking peace and quiet.


We make every effort to ensure that our guests relax in comfortable conditions. We offer 5 rooms and family apartments, as well as a heated swimming pool and SPA area.

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