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In addition to relaxing in the bosom of nature, we provide you with a relaxation, regeneration and wellness zone.
This is top-class equipment and professionally trained staff. Let us know and we will conduct sessions with you that will take your rest to the next level. In addition to the heated swimming pool, you can support your biological regeneration processes with oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber, local cryotherapy, lymphatic massage with collagen or a Finnish sauna. And if you want to improve your fitness, we also provide a gym at your disposal.

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the Gentle Hyperbaric Chamber mHBOT (Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

It involves staying in a special chamber in which the pressure is increased and oxygen at a concentration of 98% is administered, which results in better oxygenation of the body.
Pressure higher than atmospheric means that oxygen penetrates the tissues to places where it has no chance to get through under normal conditions and reaches, for example, areas with poor blood supply, such as places after severe injuries, transplants, burns, soft tissue infections or difficult-to-heal wounds. 
Oxygen administered during a session in the hyperbaric chamber penetrates into red blood cells, and its concentration also increases in the lymphatic system, cerebrospinal fluid and plasma. Thanks to this, the body benefits greatly in a short time and without effort.

Oxygen is the basic element of life:

Breathing is the basis of all processes occurring in the body, it supplies the blood with the elements necessary for energy transport. This process takes place in the background, we do not pay attention to it, but it has a huge impact on how we feel and the condition of our body. Proper oxygenation of the body is the basis for the proper functioning of all its organs.

Oxygen is a key element for cellular respiration and the transport of nutrients in the body. Increased pressure improves its absorption and allows the energy to reach every tissue of the body. As a result, it supports the body’s natural renewal processes.

Oxygen guards the balance in the body, regulating the level of free radicals. It also selectively eliminates bacteria and viruses responsible for inflammation. It has many functions, and proper cell oxidation allows you to feel it on your own skin.

Research conducted at Tel Aviv University has proven that mild hyperbaria can reverse the aging process. By accelerating the multiplication of healthy cells, it improves skin health. Hence, mild hyperbaric chambers are used in SPA hotels and the beauty industry.

The world of professional sports has been using hyperbaric chambers for years. They speed up recovery after intense exercise, and they constitute “legal doping” recognized by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Physiotherapists around the world use gentle hyperbaric chambers to support their treatments.

Research conducted at Tel Aviv University has proven that mild hyperbaria can reverse the aging process. By accelerating the multiplication of healthy cells, it improves skin health. Hence, mild hyperbaric chambers are used in SPA hotels and the beauty industry.

Effects of using mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy

  • Repairing the complexion from the inside
  • Deep oxygenation of the entire body
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes
  • Eliminate fatigue
  • Body strengthening
  • Improve your mood and concentration
  • Natural renewal after challenges
  • Oxygenated tissues mean a better appearance

    Sessions in a gentle hyperbaric chamber have a beneficial effect on the entire body. High oxygen saturation at the cellular level affects, among other things, the condition of the skin and hair. The improvement in appearance is also due to the beneficial effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on mood and sleep quality. Accelerating metabolism supports people who are trying to get rid of excess weight.

    Gentle hyperbaric oxygen therapy brings many benefits at the level of body and mind:

    • stimulates collagen production
    • eliminates micro-wrinkles
    • improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin
    • soothes skin problems
    • supports detoxification
    • improves metabolism and facilitates weight loss
    • regenerates damaged cells
    • improves the quality of sleep, mood and concentration
    • lowers stress levels
    • helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion of the body
    • strengthens the structure of the skin, hair and nails

    It is a non-invasive method of strengthening the body that brings out the natural beauty and energy inherent in the body.

    Faster regeneration thanks to the gentle hyperbaric chamber

    Training, competition and competitions are the everyday life of every athlete. Post-exercise recovery is an essential part of this routine. Hyperbaric oxygen sessions allow you to maintain excellent shape even during preparations for the start and intensive training. Oxygen reaches critical areas, mitigating the effects of over-training.

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a holistic approach to fitness:

    • increases the body’s efficiency
    • increases energy levels
    • oxygenates tired muscles
    • removes metabolic by-products (detoxification)
    • reduces the feeling of fatigue after training
    • eliminates micro-injuries caused during training
    • lowers stress levels
    • strengthens metabolism – easier weight loss

    The world of professional sports appreciates the effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. World sports stars benefit from sessions in hyperbaric chambers! Sport requires sacrifices, but no success should be achieved at the expense of health. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy mHBOT is currently one of the most popular methods of regeneration in the world.

    Youthful regeneration of the anti-aging body

    Oxygen has the ability to stimulate the replication of healthy cells and remove old ones. When cells start to age and this becomes visible on our skin, we can slow down the process. Gentle hyperbaric oxygen therapy affects the body holistically, from the inside. It takes care of a healthy body and mind, improving the quality of life.

    Hyperbaric oxygen affects people holistically

    • strengthening immunity
    • oxygenation of all tissues, better blood supply
    • faster metabolism
    • distribution of nutrients in the body
    • natural mechanisms of blood pressure regulation
    • better mood and improved sleep quality
    • cell renewal – replacing aging cells with new ones
    • increased stimulation of the cerebral cortex
    • detoxification
    • supporting concentration and memory processes

    We live in the decade of Healthy Aging established by the World Health Organization (WHO). We stay active longer and longer, without giving up plans, travel or even work. The healthy aging trend allows you to maintain vitality and high energy levels for many years. Gentle hyperbaric oxygen therapy, with all its advantages, fits perfectly into this philosophy.

    Local cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy – cold in the service of rejuvenation and regeneration

    Cryotherapy is irreplaceable in many situations that improve the quality of life. It stimulates the immune system, strengthens immunity, and rejuvenates and beautifies.

    Negative temperatures (-163 C) stimulate circulation in the skin, improve its firmness and delay cell aging processes.

    Our Cryo-Beauty Sessions focus on boosting collagen production for an instantly healthy glow and tight skin. They reduce the signs of aging by tightening the skin, unifying the complexion and reducing pores. Take care of your Glamor Glow – by reducing swelling you will achieve a refreshed appearance and the effect of healthy skin.

    When subjected to low temperature, the body takes energy from fat tissue to warm it, which also affects the weight loss process.

    It is recommended to perform several sessions to increase collagen in the deeper layers of the skin, which results in increased skin permeability, further reduction of pores, regaining elasticity and youthful glow.

    Local cryotherapy as part of Cryo-Beauty includes:

    face, neck and scalp, sessions stimulating collagen production, reducing micro-wrinkles, refreshing the appearance

    leg, thigh and buttocks area. Sessions supporting weight loss and cellulite reduction

    abdominal area – makes the skin elastic, supports weight loss and improves fat metabolism in tissues

    The best results are achieved when a Cryo session is combined with lymphatic roll-massage with infrared and collagen

    Cryotherapy, by stimulating the immune system, also helps reduce pain, which accelerates regeneration after sports exercise

    Regeneration sessions are performed locally and are short (a few to several minutes) and depend on the area of the body on which they are performed.


    • improve the body’s regenerative abilities
    • improve blood circulation and thus oxygenation/nourishment of the skin
    • strengthen metabolism
    • relieve the symptoms of sports overload

    Lymphatic roll-massage with infrared and collagen

    Roll-massage sessions work in three areas:

    Physical massage is based on lymphatic massage performed using wooden balusters. It relaxes, stimulates the body, helps reduce cellulite and helps burn excess fat.

    Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin, significantly increases sweating and tissue blood flow, and accelerates the burning of fat tissue. It supports the detoxification of the body, mobilizes the immune system and helps bind free radicals. It instantly warms the tissues, increases circulation and metabolism.

    Collagen Light Therapy is one of the most effective anti-wrinkle therapies that can be used. This is the only natural, non-invasive treatment thanks to which you can completely non-invasively increase the firmness and improve the quality of your skin. The radiation dose reaching deeper layers stimulates the reconstruction of collagen and elastin in the skin. Rebuilding lost collagen and elastin using collagen therapy is a time-consuming process because it affects the body’s natural defense mechanisms in the skin tissue, but its effects are excellent.

    Roll-massage is a proven way to get a shapely figure and firm skin without physical effort. You can stimulate selected body parts during the massage by adopting an appropriate training position.

    • Lymphatic massage
      A safe, relaxing massage that stimulates the body’s natural immune processes.
    • Anti-cellulite massage
      Cellulite reduction, firming, improvement of the appearance and condition of the skin.
    • Relaxing massage
      Relax, have a moment of pleasure and improve your metabolism.
    • Back massage
      A relaxing massage that relieves tension and overload, allowing you to speed up your return to your former shape


    The Finnish sauna has a comprehensive impact on human health and well-being. The effect of high temperature on the body lowers blood pressure, increases heart function, and removes toxins from the body. Additionally, the sauna relaxes the muscles and has a stress-relieving effect.

    The sauna is an unparalleled experience that allows for great relaxation and body cleansing. The heat opens the pores of the skin and cleanses it. Bathing in a sauna is beneficial not only after physical exercise, for example running or training, but also has a great impact on your well-being and improves your beauty.

    Sweating removes toxins, balances the temperature and cools you down, keeping the skin clean and beautiful by regulating sebum secretion. Steam produced by pouring water on hot stones positively ionizes the air, which, according to Finnish folk tradition, prevents fatigue, nervousness and anxiety. The sauna is relaxing and cleansing. Softens the skin, relieves muscle and joint pain.

    Individual sauna sessions last 10-15 minutes – long enough for the skin to sweat properly and open the pores. The next stage is cooling the body. The procedure is repeated as long as it brings good feeling – no longer. A relaxing sauna bath will also help you get a good night’s sleep.

    A dry sauna is characterized by a much higher temperature than a wet or steam sauna. The average temperature there ranges from 85 to even 120°C, and the air humidity ranges from 5 to 15%. These conditions are achieved thanks to a special furnace that heats stones that release heat.

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