Podlasie is beautiful. There are few tourists here. People here are good and open, simple and simply great. The air is clean, smelling of grass and forest and it begs to spend at least one day on a bike, crossing forest and field areas ducts. We are happy to share this world with you. There are plenty of options to choose from, but if you don't want to choose, you just want to To relax, come to us - be our guest!


Forest, horse riding, swimming pool, bicycles, spa and wellness zone, walking, doing nothing, lying in the grass, looking for wind in the field, mushroom picking, bird watching, beaver watching, listening to cranes, being hypnotized by the croaking of frogs, listening to the rain, throwing pebbles to the river, reading books, floating on the water, staring into the fire, enjoying the silence, counting the stars, walking barefoot on the grass, swinging in a hammock, watching butterflies, archery, playground for children, plenty of space for volleyball, badminton, kite flying, picnics on the grass...

A short trip

Podlasie still has naturally beautiful nature and unique (unfortunately disappearing) architecture. We recommend trips: Suchowola - Center of Europe, Bohoniki and Kruszyniany (Tatar trail), Silvarium (an extraordinary forest park in Poczopek), Biebrza National Park, Biebrza and its floodplains, Osowiec Fortress, Bagna Bachmackie with Lake Jurdyga (wild area, a real miniature of the Biebrza valley , unique species of birds and plants on a global scale), the Yotvingian Cemetery, Janów (and the weaving museum), Augustów... ...and many other places that you can discover on your own, or which we will be happy to tell you about.

Horse riding


At the guests’ request, we can organize horse riding classes in our stable.

The cost of classes is in accordance with the price list applicable at the stable.

Not only for children ;)...


Playground: a temple of fun with three slides, two towers, a bridge, a mini climbing wall, a swing, a nest, and a “suspension” hidden in the magical branches of Matilda Forest, where Sheriff Nadia ordered and great fun took place. There is also plenty of sand, endless sticks and space for your imagination to run wild. For those who are tired or defeated by the dragon, there are hammocks, large stones or tree stumps on which you can sit, stop, jump over or go around.

The heated swimming pool will surely tempt more than one “pirate” on a hot day, and the vast green lawn is a great space for flying kites, chasing a ball, playing badminton…


There is also a library in the house with various games, short and long readings and books…